Saturday, May 21, 2011

my sports son...and how dreams can come on 34th street!

 today is my son Jay's birthday!
he is the greatest young man...
with the most amazing work ethic.

Jay (on the right) doing "color" play by play...
at a regional TV broadcast of college football.
(mr d and i are at a local sports bar taking a photograph
 of our son on TV)
he has always been a goal setter...and
a performer against the odds.
he fell in love with the game of
baseball at age 6.  Jay dedicated
himself to the game and his school work.
he was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds
at the end of his senior year of high
school in 2002.

Jay interviewing Jerry Kramer.
this shot is for the vintage Packer fans,
 although i am quite certain that you may
 not be a major player in my blog audience. LOL

he played college baseball for two
years, then made the decision to leave
baseball because he wanted to go to
Washington State University and
study broadcast journalism.

Radio play by play at the NAIA World Series 2010

 i had always thought that he dreamed
of becoming a professional baseball player.
one day, while he was away at college,
i was in decluttering his room here
on 34th street. i found a little
tablet with a list of goals that he
made when he was about 10 years old.
on the top of the list he wrote...

i want to be a sports announcer.

this is a collage of photographs given to Jay
by his aunt and uncle. the photo of mr d
   and Jay on the upper left was taken at
Christmas in 1994. Jay is 10 years old.
fast forward to photos of 1999. he is 15
and playing at Safeco Field on
Team Washington.
that year Jay was selected to represent the
state of Washington on the Junior
Olympic Team ~ Team USA!

Jay once again is in a circumstance
to challenge the odds in his very
competitive career.

" i am here at home
cheering you on. i love you!
 happy birthday, son!"

[with a mom's love]

Friday, May 20, 2011

planning our little wine bar...

when the kids left home, mr D. and i kind

 of fell into a little hobby of collecting wine.

 we have an occasional glass of wine with

an appetizer before dinner and

a glass of wine with dinner.

there's a corner in our dining room that is

 screaming..."this is where you need to

place the wine bar!" 

Chrislyn & Jason and Jay have

contributed to the project with a monetary

 gift to their dad for his birthday

 and father's day. mr D. and i will make

 a contribution as our anniversary gift to

one another, hence...

the reason we stayed home for dinner...

working with our modern cottage
direction, Chris (mr d) and i really like the
entertaining shelves from Pottery Barn...

we are considering this double
door wine cooler from Costco!
it's dual temperature for both 
white and red...holding 32 bottles.

i like the clean lines and organized look.

i can visualize our
"Eat Tom's Peanut Butter Sandwich"
(purchased in Alabama in 1974)
jar filled with corks atop the cooler...
i'll keep you posted on our progress...

[with ~ modern cottage, wine & peanut butter ~ love]

Thursday, May 19, 2011

honey, aren't you going to take a picture of the table for your blog?

you know...when you are a blogger...

you are also a journalist. i love

writing and sharing and publishing about

life here and around 34th street.

i also try to respect those around me,

 before i share.

yesterday, i decorated our dining table

 with some of our old love letters

for our anniversary.

it was a surprise for mr d when he came

home from work...he loved it!

as i was setting the table for dinner,

he asked the question

about taking the picture.

so without further adieu...i snapped

away. and with a little help from picnik...

our anniversary table!

and...if you look

will spy our Chocolate Gousse!

~ the most amazing thing...

like in the movies...i

sprayed or powdered each letter

with fragrance before i mailed  it...

the fragrance is still here with us...

the heat of the lighted chandee

made it float around the room! ~

talk about a walk in the past!  i am so

glad that we did not go out to dinner!

{with fragrant love}

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

when the pink dogwood blooms...'s our wedding (anniversary) day.
May ~ 18 ~ 1973
the trees have never disappointed me...
they have always
been in full bloom on our day!
in our front yard,
a pretty pink dogwood grows...

it was a gift from our kids on our 25th!
and this morning, it is beautiful...

tonight, after work, we will
celebrate with a dinner for two
under our chandee...
 i have decorated it with some of
our old love letters
that were hidden away and tied in bundles...

when mr d was stationed at
Fort Rucker, Alabama ~ he always
wrote this little sentiment on the back of his letters.
it's time to display their vintage charm,
just for the two of us!

~ The Menu ~
avocado delight
beef tenderloin
garlic mashed potatoes
roasted asparagus
we will share a "hearty" red!
and sip raspberry dessert wine
with a chocolate from Fran's.

19  C & L  73
[with "all of the bugs of Alabama" love]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


[it's time to put on linen!]



for Spring and Summer 2011...i will be wearing it, always...

and i will be talking about it...a lot!

...well at least once a week! It started today...

with the center of my blog banner 

and the labels on my sidebar!

ahhh linen...ahhh shimmering sunshine...

ahhh spring and summer...!

[with~ naturally linen~ love]

Monday, May 16, 2011

thinking about what makes me tic...

my life is filled with C's and J's...

we celebrate our 38th
wedding anniversary in two days!

that's what makes me tic!


{with ~good night, sleep tight~ love}