Saturday, May 14, 2011

patio dressing...

"at mid century"... it was the "patio" dress...

"in the seventies"... the "maxi"...

~ Anthropologie~

i'm laughing...because for those of

you that are young at heart

enough to remember...



 patio dresses (and kaftan styles)...

are a reminder of Mrs. Roper

on Three's Company!

and... laughing again...Mrs Roper wore

the Patio, while Chrissy and Jan

wore the Maxi! Mrs "R" wore hers

at home with a cocktail, and C & J

donned their duds at the Regal Beagle!

~ my personal fave at Anthropologie~

the "Patio & Maxi" have merged,

once again, as a look

for Summer 2011! 


[i prefer "Patio" because i

have always been resentful

of where Madison Avenue took

the word "Maxi"!]


check out some more inspiration from 

~the sixties in me~

 with updated fabrics and prints,

the "Patio Dress" has jumped

 two generations forward!

 Anthropologie may a little pricey

 for some, but the moderate world

is right in there.

Target has built a whole ad campaign

about Patio living!

after five...grab a glass of wine, a beer,

a tall lemonade or an icy root beer,

and hit the patio with style.

you will feel relaxed and

very groovy!

i'll meet you there!

{with a groovy kind of love}

Friday, May 13, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday's wrap!

"brown paper packages tied up

with burlap and

handmade paper roses!"

my mother's day gift from

Chrislyn and Jason...


[when Chrislyn receives compliments on

her gift wrap techniques...she always

replies: "we had gift wrap boot camp at

our house."  she and Jay started wrapping

and embellishing gifts at age three!]

{ with gifted wrapped love}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

go outside and play!

build a carousel of color...

collect precious metals and jewels...

play musical chairs...

gather pine cones and daisies...

take out your watercolors!

create a place for reading, resting

and dreaming...

dine out in style!

[with love]

~images courtesy of Campagne Decoration~

Monday, May 9, 2011

to market... d bottles his wine...

about six weeks ago we went to

Classic Winemakers to make wine.

the wine experience was a birthday and father's day

gift to mr d from the kids. on Saturday we drove to

Olympia to visit the farmer's market, then on

to Lacey to bottle mr d's wine.

~ FRESH from Sullivan's Homestead!~

just a few market pics...

i had to grab a shot of the apples...after all,

we are the apple state...and...(my maiden name

was Sullivan)

i could not resist capturing this little garnish at the

produce stand. i love the chippy background!

an inspiration for a DYI project ?

Seattle, the birthplace of Starbucks...

 has inspired hundreds of boutique coffee

roasters in our state over the years...



wine bottling

we invited another couple to join us...two of our

dearest friends, Alice and Steve. we all took turns

with the steps of the bottling project. Alice is filling

the bottles and mr d is corking!

Steve jumped in to help with the labeling process!

here's the label! mr d designed it on

picnik...that's our Chocolat Gousse when

she was a pup! the LAB CAB will be shelved

here on 34th street to age for one year!


have a wonderful week, my friends!

{with love}

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's two...just had to share!

three generations...soon to be four...

we are blessed!

it was a great day!

happy Mother's day, once gain...

{with love}

simply stated Sunday!

 vintage laundry...
hankie shine!

[gather inspiration]
the china was hung 'neath the chandee...
~ visit ~
 Pamela at French Buttons

Happy Mother's Day!

{with Love}