Thursday, April 28, 2011

transition...from basic font letters to the moon!...and a day off!

if you have been following my blog, you can see

that i have been having a "picnik" with my banner.

when i started blogging back in late October,

i knew nothing.  the only thing that i did know,

the image in my first post

is that i wanted to be a part of the amazing community.

i have met some of the most talented,

gifted and generous people during this past

 six months!  i absolutely adore my first visitor,

 who also became my first follower!

(and she was not a relative)

most are women, but one day, 

a very cool guy that balances the

corporate world and his amazing garden popped in

to follow! how fun is that?

i just wish to tell you how much you all mean to

me. you help inspire some of the dreams here on

34th street. as mr d and i remodel our home,

you will also see a transition here at dreams...

~tomorrow is mrs d's (that's me) day off~

i will be taking on the list for Saturday's Pink Picnic...

when our family will gather with love and gifts

to celebrate the soon to be arrival of

Jason and Chrislyn's baby girl.

i wish you all the best of weekends, free of

storms and tornadoes, please dear God.

i'll be back on Monday to talk about the picnic!

{with love}

pink picnic... day three...

visit perfection here!

the strawberry ~ caramel and raspberry

macaron's have been ordered.

i am making the

"mama biscotti" & pie pops...

a tutorial will follow!

{with love}

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the Tiffany & Co rabbit spoon...

i was fortunate to have had an amazing career

while i was in my childbearing years!

i was a jewelry buyer for Frederick & Nelson

in Seattle, Washington.

Frederick & Nelson was a beautiful

carriage trade department store.

if you are from the Mid-West

you are probably mourning the loss Marshall Field & Co.

~ anyway ...

...a little off track here ~

i used to travel to NYC for buying trips about

five times a year...

when i found out i was pregnant with Chrislyn,

we (my F&N girlfriends) and i just had to go to Tiffany's

 to purchase the rabbit spoon!

we all loved to visit the place where the scene from

{Breakfast at Tiffany's}

(that lives in the hearts of  all romantic fashion

conscious woman everywhere), was filmed some

twenty years before!

who would have thought that a pearl torsade,
a tiara and RayBan's could look so good.
after this movie, every woman's closet
has Audrey's black dress hanging in it!

the rabbit spoon was one of the "in things" with my

little circle of girlie's back in 1982!

this is Chrislyn and Jay's (bunny) spoon!

i polish it on occasion...and keep it in a little

dish on my kitchen window sill.

 now, i need to make it shine bright,

as i will be putting it to use once again

 with my wee granddaughter pretty soon!


sadly, Tiffany & Co no longer make the spoon,

but you can occasionally find one

on eBay now and then...

like this one, i found today.

more shower details tomorrow!

{with love}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

planning a pink picnic!

it's baby shower time!

first...a visit to the linen closet...

everything is washed...

tonight, i will be ironing!

do you recognize the little spoon?

i'll tell you about it tomorrow!

have a great day!

{with love}

Monday, April 25, 2011

gather to inspire!

about a year and a half ago, when

Chrislyn and i were busy working on

the details of her wedding, we met Glenda.

Glenda has a beautiful little bridal accessory boutique

in Olde Burien, WA.

she has a pretty little dish that is filled with

these simple little anonymous calling cards...

she encourages one to "take a bunch! ~ i just had

a thousand printed at Costco!"

it's such a sweet gesture.  (i will be blogging

about Glenda's boutique in May.)

i have continued Glenda's gesture... i just ordered

my own little anonymous calling card...

{the heart that gives ~ gathers}

i will be blogging about those who gather

to give, now and then.


Today's perfect gathering...


this publication is truly amazing!


{with love}