Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Saturday and a few of our simple backyard treasures...

for our 7th anniversary, mr d. surprised me with

this little copper kettle with a blue bird that

someone had tossed along the side of

the road.  he spotted it and thought

"my wife would love this!" it's been a treasure

in our back yard for almost 31 years!

(by the way... copper is the gift you give at seven years,

talk about pennies from Heaven!)

it may be junk to some...but it's relief

or sculpture to us! copper lined...

this was my gift to mr d.

bird spa rock! i am thinking of planting

a flower garden around it!

our sweet garden gate!

mr d. took the rototiller the garden yesterday!

soon the crops will be planted!

Raku pottery art by Chrislyn & Jay.

visions of rabbits and ferry boats...made with the

dearest potter on Orcas Island in the San Juans.

C & J were 5 and 6 years old. the little sculptures

have been hanging under the light on the back porch 

 for over 20 years.  mr d has carefully removed them

and painted the house 4 or 5 times...


although the yard looks pretty stark right now...

soon it will be filled with color, conversation,

live music and song from the music teacher's

summer students across the fence!

 i just have to SHOUT IT OUT!!!!

TODAY... (thus far)



celebrating in the golden SUNSHINE

 on Easter Saturday!

{with flip flop & sunroof love}

Thursday, April 21, 2011

sweet lilies...

simply beautiful and white...

 a symbol of love and reflection...

there is a miracle in sight!

{with love}

dear e.e. bunny, please stop

by Fran's on your way

down the bunny trail!

for Seattle's best chocolate...

...visit Fran here!

{with love}

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


... ease, free from stress...

a sculptural technique...


Maggie Weldon

if you google Maggie Weldon,

you will find that she is firstly known

for her techniques in crochet!

in an effort to preserve some of her grandmother's

intricate work she experimented with slabs of


how beautiful and intriguing...

i love the natural tones...and white...

and this linen square is my favorite...

how perfect for

my granddaughter's nursery.


Maggie has a very gracious

and generous spirit!  If you can grab a

copy of the May / June Victoria Magazine,

there are step ~by~ step instructions on

how to create a lace plate!

visit lace pottery here!

{with love}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dearest Grandmother(s)...Elizabeth, Hazel and Marjorie,

wow, can you believe it?... in June,

 i shall be grandmother.

i am surrounded by an aura of joy.

i really do not know how to explain it...

it kind of feels like all three of you are wrapping your

arms around me. warm and wonderful!

 i just wish to let you know

that you all had a profound influence on my life.

i have so many cherished memories...

and i am writing this to thank you...

you let me stay up past my bedtime to watch

  the late... late show {old movies we now call classics}.

all three of you brushed my

 hair with the mother of pearl, gold filigree and

bakelite hair brushes

that you all displayed on your vanities.

you taught me to knit, to weave,

to crochet and to embroider.

there were filled cookie jars, homemade jams, the

aroma of Sunday gravy cooking on the stove,

biscotti and chicken and rice.

 i was so fortunate to wear your handmade sweaters

and dresses. (some were made from remnants sent

by a best friend that was a designer in Hollywood.)

 there were beautiful gifts, wrapped

with elegant pressed ribbons from your fancy store.

we rode the bus to Seattle and you taught me 

 to set my watch by the clock at the jewelry store.

you gave me a tiny sip of Chiati on Thanksgiving,

and made a mean Bloody Mary

when I became an adult.


a pink bubble toast to
you, as we anticipate 
arrival of your

 you were the cutest, you were sweetest,

so creative, fun loving, and 

God's gift from your generation to me!

 it will soon be my turn to share

you and me and i will.

i love you!

* Lynne, Lynnie, Lindy *
{Lynne~patricia!... when i was in trouble}

Monday, April 18, 2011

first flowers...signs of Spring and Chocolate Gousse!

i feel a bit guilty complaining about the weather...

this past weekend brought some pretty bad storms

around the US.  my heart goes out to

all that are picking up the pieces!

just taking in the Monday morning light, loving

the touches of Easter time and the visions new life

around our place here on 34th street.

it's time to take a little peek outside before

getting ready for work...  

i will also take this opportunity to introduce

 you to our Chocolate Gousse!

we call her Goose. she loves snooping

around her back yard, and our mornings

outside when weather permits.

i just had to snap a photo of our first flowers

in the garden... not much...just a few little white

blossoms...but it's a start!

good morning day lilies! welcome back!

i missed you!

i tried to capture the dewdrops on the Rhody...

but we'll just have to settle for polka dots!

the Rhodie's will be in full bloom for Mother's Day!

and welcome blue sky above our cherry tree!

mr d. has pruned it so it's like a giant umbrella

in the Summertime! ahhhhhh Summertime.


it's time to go to the office...

should i wake Goose? she looks pretty

tuckered from our morning activity outside!

{with hello Monday love}