Friday, April 1, 2011

my messy table...and Monday, i will post my first tutorial!

hi everyone!

just thought i would share

my messy table before i am

off to work! it's FRIDAY,

and HAIR DAY, so it's a GOOD day!

why is my table a MESS?

i will show you on Monday!


(and...yes! {smile} ... we have pastels and bunnies at

our place.  i am a mom and soon to be grandma,

with a 30 years of acquired Easter goodies that

are displayed for the babes that

come home for the holiday and the memories!)

oops...gotta hit the shower & go!

  God Bless!

have a wonderful weekend!

{with love}

Thursday, March 31, 2011

addendum to yesterday's post...just one more road trip...

... around the

a virtual

world of design...

when you stop in Tacoma,

the coffee is ready and there's home made biscotti!

safe travels my dear lovelies!!!!

{with love}

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

geography is back! map the walls and globally speaking...

as a kid, i loved geography...

it hasn't been it's own subject in school for

decades... ever since it merged with history

and turned into social studies.

Ballard Designs

i loved drawing maps...and making the legends.

i would outline the country in a deeper color and

lightly shade the map in a pastel to match!

~ cartography~

now that we have map quest and

 global positioning systems

 what do we do with all of the travel maps?

those that were once


gas station attendant washed your windows and

actually pumped your gas! Whew! I had to say it!

Those were the days!

i posted this image from Little Green Notebook

a while back when i was talking about skirts...

and how much i loved following the

stripes into the washer...but look left!

map the walls!


"He's got the whole world in His hands"

from the cutest little blog
Lovely Design

~ and ~

Melaine's collection
My Sweet Savannah

you can embrace the world too!

... like ~K from

she found

a crusty little tired brown world...

...and made it beautiful and whimsically chic!

i could wrap my arms around it and smile!
(also...notice the handmade French embossed
clay tags that she sells at her etsy shop!)

***'s to wrapping your arms around

someone that you love today!

and because of this little blog of mine...this

morning...i am visiting and having coffee with

lovelies all over this world! truly amazing!

so delightful!

{with love}

{... yep!...i said love 5 times in this post}

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

French roast, cinnamon toast, laundry, a little virtual vacation and you!

a magazine's image of

morning light

who wouldn't want

Sadie Olive's basket of laundry!

French roast and

cinnamon toast with Cezanne

dreams of warm weather fashion...

a ten minute visit abroad...

and some keepsakes...

i stopped to smell the pink flowers at
French Buttons

thank you... for my morning

of inspiration today!'s gone...

it's time to go!


it's going to be good out there!

{with love}

photo credits: campagne decoration, sadie olive's etsy shop, Cezanne, nieman marcus,
bergdorf goodman, French Buttons blogspot, images of coffee

Monday, March 28, 2011

a thoughtful gift...vintage junky...and a thank you...

i love my new market bag...

my friend Alice picked it out for me. 

(the bag is actually a gift from Alice

and her husband, Steve.)

Al found it at one of my blog stops...

Michelle has an Etsy shop here.

this bag is very similar to mine...

it has a chocolate silhouette.

she also features the silhouette in pale blue.

this is the market bag that Alice chose for me!

Michelle used vintage ticking and a natural

toned linen when making my bag.

it hangs on one of my favorite

 Queen Anne chairs...

my new market bag has a cute little handmade

{happy ~ floppy ~ flower} on it.

the flower is removable...

not that i would...

 because it is so cute as it is!

i just had to take it outside to

photograph it on our veggie garden gate!

* L *
{best of thankful love}