Saturday, March 12, 2011

our world...our community...

prayers for Japan!

my son, Jay, now 26, spent the summer
between high school and college
in Japan representing his community
 in a baseball exchange program. he lived with two
different families during his stay. the families were
warm, considerate, and loving. at the games,
 they rooted for him like he was their own son!

my prayers go out to Japan and it's
 amazing proud, resilient,
and self reliant citizens.

{with love}

it came from Ipswich to it's 34th street home...ah!

in a taupe pinstriped box..

tied with a chocolate satin ribbon.

inside, oatmeal tissue, more chocolate satin

some cinnamon... and a signature!

this is soooo me...what i love!

made with love...mailed with love...

first, an elegant heart clutch...

lined with taupe dupioni silk!

and underneath...the prettiest two handled bag

has found it's  prominent place...

with on 34th street!

(move over Kate~rhymes with made)

thank you, Jess!

{with love}

Friday, March 11, 2011

sweet mom...Alabama!

let's start with some wine & design

her kitchen island was originally

a cabinet in a medical facility.

oatmeal&rust {love}

vignettes * rustique!

she speaks a little French...

and makes a perfect cafe au lait!

{with love}

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

transition, piles and a softer landing...

i have been inspired my many of you to

show it "like it is" at our place!

someday...i hope to have a home filled

with images of  charm and warmth to share, 

but right now, for starters... i am sharing

 our soon to be den, a landing spot for the

guys... (i can't grasp this whole man cave thing).

the vintage (ha!) Ralph green wall is be replaced
with pinewood planking...painted warm white...
and an electric fireplace, with a flat screen.
 a shelf will be placed above
the doors... to run the length of the wall,
a new home for the decoys (boys).

note our lovely remodel "staging table"

and mr D's collectibles placed in

safe spots as we pillage and paint!

the boys are temporarily

resting on a dividing wall.  i grabbed a couple

candles to romance it up a little...( i can't believe that i am

showing this) about that

ugly diagonal mess above?  pinewood planking

will placed and painted warm white!

~white...ahhhh...cottage~like... i can dream it

i can see it...(coffee sip) sigh!

here's looking up from the

room... more piles and patched walls

 ready for brushstrokes!

 the good news is that mr D is taking tomorrow

and Friday paint. he has been working

overtime on the weekends recently (we are blessed)...

so his painting time has been minimal.

the goal: a softer place to land for

all of the boys...


 here is the inspiration photo...

 it's from Lori at the frugal farmhouse...

i saved it because it displays

an example of integrating nature ( in this case the fish

prints) ~ ( in our case the decoys and DU prints) a softer setting...

i'll keep you posted on our progress!

here's to soft landings!

{with love}

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

images of oatmeal&rust...mixing it up with old&new...

last week i talked about how mr d and i

have been collecting art and antiques

for over 37 years. i have finally come up

with a statement of our style...


our painting, about 35 years old...
back then it was a perfect interpretation of old and new...
i loved the rustic style of the old barn...
 mr d loved the modern image in front of the barn.

with that in mind...i am sharing a few images

from my inspiration folder with you. 

i don't think i could find a
more perfect statement of o&r

this is a bit extreme...but it
is the perfect example of mixing

a softer version of old&new...

and a feminine approach...i
would replace the flower
with my favorite crusty
antique brooch .

or just leave it alone...

it's time to stop dreaming and interpreting...and

head to the's fat tuesday...

i'll say goodbye to chocolate for a few's OK...maybe i will also say

goodbye to a few pounds too!

{with love}

Monday, March 7, 2011

when skies are grey...

Sometimes ...

design wonderland


style at home


Lonny Mag

Dana at House Tweaking


style at home


style at home


the famous Dwell Studio pillows at Target


Emily's give~a~way!
{with love}

Sunday, March 6, 2011

it's Sunday night...sleep on this...sweet dreams!

{with love}

Sunday morning!

i'm up!

2009 ~ a sweet Disney / Pixar cartoon!

2010 ~  a sweet winner... 
Washington Post's Peep's diorama contest

March 5th 2011 ~ NatGeo
(two guys were in the house, but they were not
an 82 year old gent and a boy scout! )

get up!  have a great week!

{with love}