Wednesday, December 1, 2010

 The Big Apple

and a journey to the Palouse!

On Saturday, we will be sharing a


watching the COUGS play

on the

frosted Palouse!

Washington State University is located in the country...surrounded by fields of wheat.

In the Fall the fields are golden, but in the Winter there is a beautiful transition to Crimson and Gray!

"On the way to Wazzu" pass

aged Crimson barns...

and contemporary barns evoking

the spirit of the COUGARS.

 You travel through miles of silver and gray landscapes until you arrive...

to the home of the COUGARS!
{We love you Butch!}

You know your in for a great time
when you see
 the clock tower of Bryan Hall.


It's football in the Winter Wonderland of WSU!

For the event, Mother Nature has iced the historical buildings.

Her magic has made Stevens Hall look like a Christmas Village.

Although I did not attend WSU, my daughter Chrislyn, my son Jay, my son-in-law Jason,my niece Brena, my daycare son Tyler and many others that I love and cherish did so. You never want to see your children bleed...but I am proud that they bleed Crimson!
You see, I am sharing some more of the dreams that started here on 34th Street. Dreams that were fulfilled at Washington State University!

Some will not be able to make the Crimson & Gray journey to the Palouse this year. So that's why I chose to take the trip via blog.

On Saturday we will all bleed Crimson and cheer for the COUGS on the field in the frosted Martin Stadium!




Photo Credits:

Country Winters on the Palouse : Jane Loughney                        

The Palouse Guy: Gary Hamburgh